Inspiration for Our Website Iconography

The iconography throughout our website is based on the below mural from the Young Men Emerging (YME) Unit at the Correctional Treatment Facility in Washington D.C.

yme mural 3.png

Recess Art’s Assembly Project

The Assembly program, powered by Recess, is an artist-led diversion program for court-involved emerging adults in Brooklyn. Assembly participants avoid incarceration and the consequences of an adult record while creating art, harnessing energy, and dismantling dominant narratives of “criminal.” Below, find works that were featured at the Emerging Adults & Justice Reform Summit 2019.

These pieces were designed and produced as original book jackets in response to publications circulated in the Blue Lives Matter community — a police-led countermovement created in opposition to the activism of the Black Lives Matter movement — that include titles such as: “Black Lies Matter” and “The War on Cops”. Using screenprinting, digital design, and verbiage from actual police training manuals, Assembly participants have created works that explore the systematic violence and racism that they have witnessed.