The Emerging Adult Justice


In this series, you will learn about emerging adult justice research and reform from experts in the field, including researchers, legislators and policymakers.


Episode 1: What is Emerging adult justice?

In this episode, host Miléna d’Ornano interviews Lael Chester, the Director of the Emerging Adult Justice Project at Columbia University’s Justice Lab. Lael explains how she drives emerging adult justice reform.

Episode 2: Why is it important to reform Emerging Adult justice?

In this episode, host Miléna d’Ornano interviews Frankie Guzman, who is a juvenile justice attorney and the director of the California Youth Justice Initiative at the National Center for Youth Law in California. Frankie offers a personal perspective on issues youth and emerging adults face and highlights the importance of using a trauma-informed lens in service provision.

Episode 3: How can we bridge research and practice to advance emerging adult justice reform?

In this episode, host Miléna d’Ornano interviews John Laub, a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland, College Park. John highlights that research can be used to provide a conceptual framework for policymakers and practitioners, and explains how he co-founded the Emerging Adult Justice Learning Community with Vincent Schiraldi and Bruce Western, the co-directors of the Columbia Justice Lab.

Further reading: In a paper titled “Life Course Research and the Shaping of Public Policy,” John Laub makes the case that the life course perspective provides a framework for shaping public policies.